ETC Client Project, Team of 6, Co-producer, Programmer Fall 2015 READ is an ETC student project working with Electronic Arts’ Office of the Chief Creative Officer (OCCO) to create an interactive reading experience for children on EA’s connected TV platform. READ’s challenge is to explore the use of voice recognition … Continue reading

Project Flight


Time: Fall 2015 Context: Personal Project Project Flight is a solo project that I am working on in my free time recently. It is a flight shooting game based on C++ and Unreal Engine 4.9 featuring the use of 45-degree top-down perspective camera in traditional space shooter style game. Now … Continue reading

Vis ViVa

ETC Client Project, Team of 7, Lead Programmer Spring 2015 Team Vis Viva is the second of four teams to work with Elizabeth Forward School District, Beth Center School District, and Chevron to transform a traditional classroom into an interactive space where middle school students can learn about energy. With … Continue reading


Time: Summer 2015 Context: Global Game Jam 2015 Spince is a game created by 3 people in 48 hours for 2015 Global Game Jam under the theme “What do we do now?”. In this game, you are trying to save three astronauts who are in danger. Try to avoid the … Continue reading


Time: Winter 2014 Context: Ludum Dare 31 Jam Entry Flashlight is a game created by 3 people in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 31 game jam under the theme “Entire Game on One Screen”. It is a game about catching ghosts in a haunted house. The player uses a flashlight … Continue reading

Circle (BVW Festival Round)

Time: Fall 2014 Context: Building Virtual World class, round 5 This is a multiplayer game built for ETC BVW Festival. It is presented on a big screen and players can control their character in the world by using their phone to access a web page controller which is implemented with … Continue reading

Meltdown (BVW Story Round)

Time: Fall 2014 Context: Building Virtual World class, round 4 This is a game making use of the CAVE, Props based on Makey Makey, and live acting to tell a story while providing an immersed earthquake experience to the guest. The guest is escorted into the cave as a new … Continue reading

Puppet Run (BVW Lightning Round)

Time: Fall 2014 Context: Building Virtual World class, round 3 Puppet Run is a “Finger Running Competition Game” based on Leap Motion. In this game, two players will use their finger movement to control their characters’ movements and race against each other. The one who reach the goal first is … Continue reading

Orkestra (BVW ROUND2)

Time: Fall 2014 Context: Building Virtual World class, round 2 This is a Kinect game built with four team members in two weeks. The goal is to create a consistent, interactive, and engaging experience that naive guests can enjoy. Indirect control is applied in this game instead of straightforward tutorials. … Continue reading

The Guardian of the Sky (BVW round1)

Time: Fall 2014 Context: Building Virtual World class, round 1 This is a “first person bird simulation action game”, utilizing the Oculus and PSMove. It is completed with four team members in two weeks. The player in this game is the king of a group of birds, trying to protect … Continue reading

Unity-Chan’s Big Adventure (BVW round0)

Time: Fall 2014 Context: Building Virtual World class, round 0 This is an infinite running game built with Unity. It is completed within one week by myself, using the famous Unity-Chan character. This game provides auto-generated running paths and obstacles, and it also comes with educational features. During some points … Continue reading

Sword Defender

Time: Summer 2014 A skeleton army is approaching a town from the dark forest. You, a brave young magic knight, is going to defend your town against the evil! This is a 3d action game built with unity, released on WP8 platform. The goal of this game is to defeat … Continue reading

The Gauntlet

Time: Summer 2013 The Gauntlet is a pervasive game for creating and sharing location-based, user generated, challenges within social networks. Players can create and share challenges online, and complete them in real-life settings individually or collaboratively. The Gauntlet aims to encourage players to participate in activities and challenges in their … Continue reading

Road Breaker

Time: Spring 2013 Road Breaker is a multiplayer Racing game for Windows and Xbox360. Players control their characters go through a racing track composed of various elements. The shining points contain various character skills, user-defined items and highly interactive procedures. This game won the Third Price of China Region in Microsoft … Continue reading

The Maze

Time: Fall 2012 This is a simple maze game I finish individually during limited time in class. In the beginning, the player can set the size of the maze, then the program can use a depth-first algorithm to generate a random maze. A path finding algorithm is also implemented so … Continue reading