ETC Client Project, Team of 6, Co-producer, Programmer Fall 2015 READ is an ETC student project working with Electronic Arts’ Office of the Chief Creative Officer (OCCO) to create an interactive reading experience for children on EA’s connected TV platform. READ’s challenge is to explore the use of voice recognition … Continue reading

Circle (BVW Festival Round)

Time: Fall 2014 Context: Building Virtual World class, round 5 This is a multiplayer game built for ETC BVW Festival. It is presented on a big screen and players can control their character in the world by using their phone to access a web page controller which is implemented with … Continue reading

Sword Defender

Time: Summer 2014 A skeleton army is approaching a town from the dark forest. You, a brave young magic knight, is going to defend your town against the evil! This is a 3d action game built with unity, released on WP8 platform. The goal of this game is to defeat … Continue reading

Privacy Protection System based on Smart Phones

Time: Summer 2013 Advised by Prof. Aiguo Chen, completed with Xiaolei Liu(刘小磊), Mao Dai(代茂), Yangming Zhang(张洋铭) This system make use of the smart phone as a key for accessing sensitive data on computers or mobile devices. The encryption can be done related to a smart phone. And one must provide … Continue reading

Text Convertor

Time: Spring 2012 This is a simple application mainly includes the following functions: convert text between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, convert text into some of the popular symbols and expressions, and simple text encryption. This application is developed individually. Application Market(Chinese) Link.

Atmosphere Creator

Time: Summer 2012 This Windows Phone 7 application is used for creating various type of atmosphere by stimulating the sounds of different environment and adding effect to it. It contains three environments:the gym,the nature,and the romantic environment.Each environment contains a main background music and several sound effects that can be … Continue reading

Auto Reply Message

Time: Spring 2012 This is a application that can automatically reply message received by the phone user based on certain conditions. This application is developed individually. Application Market(Chinese) Link.

All in one note

Time: Spring 2011 This is a powerful note application. User can take note based on not only text but also medias such as audio and image. The user can also set reminder on notes not only based on date and time but also base on a specific location. This application won … Continue reading