ETC Client Project, Team of 6, Co-producer, Programmer Fall 2015 READ is an ETC student project working with Electronic Arts’ Office of the Chief Creative Officer (OCCO) to create an interactive reading experience for children on EA’s connected TV platform. READ’s challenge is to explore the use of voice recognition … Continue reading

Circle (BVW Festival Round)

Time: Fall 2014 Context: Building Virtual World class, round 5 This is a multiplayer game built for ETC BVW Festival. It is presented on a big screen and players can control their character in the world by using their phone to access a web page controller which is implemented with … Continue reading

Web Album System

Time: Summer 2014 This is my undergraduate thesis project. Based on the study of the frameworks in current web development and the analysis of the web album system requirements, I came up with a practical web album system solution, which combines Struts2, Spring and MyBatis frameworks and utilizes techniques such … Continue reading

The Gauntlet

Time: Summer 2013 The Gauntlet is a pervasive game for creating and sharing location-based, user generated, challenges within social networks. Players can create and share challenges online, and complete them in real-life settings individually or collaboratively. The Gauntlet aims to encourage players to participate in activities and challenges in their … Continue reading

The Swappers’ Club

Time: Fall 2012 The Swappers’ Club is a social network site for people to publish the information of their unused items and make friends with one another based on the exchange activities. A recommendation system based on data mining is implemented in the site. This project won the third prize … Continue reading

The Clan

Time: Summer 2011 A research project directed by Prof. Junlin Zhou, funded by UESTC Innovation Fund The CLAN is a social network site for people to make friends based on the their common activities. A recommendation system on data mining is implemented and integrated to make the site more “smart”. My … Continue reading