Time: Winter 2014
Context: Ludum Dare 31 Jam Entry

Flashlight is a game created by 3 people in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 31 game jam under the theme “Entire Game on One Screen”.

It is a game about catching ghosts in a haunted house. The player uses a flashlight to catch the ghosts, because ghosts are afraid of light. The player needs to use the flashlight smartly, for that ghosts coming in from different sides of the house, and their behaviors vary. Besides, if a beam of light catches more than one ghost, the player gets a score bonus. There is also a BOSS in the end! Try to get a higher score!

A prototype of Flashlight mobile version on WP8 won Microsoft Student //GameOn Contest 2015.

Programmer: Maoyang Li, Artist: Qing Mao, Sound: Xunchi Sun

Now there are two more levels with more types of enemies and two more bosses with different abilities! We also introduced a new character, a little girl holding a lantern in the game. Player may switch between different characters two experience completely different mechanism and playstyle.

Flashlight is now available in Windows Phone Store(name: Flashlight WP) and Apple App Store(name: Flashlight and Ghost).

Downloads and Links:
Web Player
Link to Ludum Dare website


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