The Gauntlet

Time: Summer 2013

The Gauntlet is a pervasive game for creating and sharing location-based, user generated, challenges within social networks. Players can create and share challenges online, and complete them in real-life settings individually or collaboratively.

The Gauntlet aims to encourage players to participate in activities and challenges in their community. These challenges (all user generated) span various themes and have an underlying focus of improving communities (from neighborhood citizenship to environmental sustainable practices), while making real-world settings more interesting.

The Gauntlet is a research project created and developed by Maoyang Li, Daniel Hawkins, Clarissa Ishak and Dr. Carman Neustaedter at the Connections Lab at Simon Fraser University, Canada. Recently the project has been accepted to the CHI 2015 Works-in-Progress venue.

Click HERE to visit The Gauntlet website.

My tasks:

  • Designed the system architecture and database structure
  • Implemented the system with PHP and MySQL
  • Implemented the front end with jQuery and Smarty

Screenshots (2013 Version)

As far as I am concerned, building the Gauntlet is really a problem-based learning experience for me. Though I have experience on developing social network sites and games before, the PHP programming and the concept of pervasive game were both new to me. I spent the first three weeks on reading documents and books to learn the basis of PHP, and then I started building a prototype of the system. While the prototype was under development, we lab members keep constant communications and meetings on every aspects of gauntlet, turning it form an idea into a real product definition. Every time we decided to take in some features, I tried to get the related knowledge and have the implementation done. This is the process where I really learnt a lot, such as the smarty template engine when we were to separate the presentation from the business logic, the Facebook API when we decided to add a “share” function, the Map API when we were to relate every challenge with a location, etc.My review for the Gauntlet
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